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Earn to die 2 is mobile base game but you can play this game on y8 website. you in reality like this recreation and its one that you can play constantly earn to die 2 on y8.com, your best trouble is that you can only play as soon as an afternoon, the game earn to die 2 on y8 will work for as long as you play however as quickly as I exit I can’t lower back on till the following day. It sucks due to the fact I have to finish as a whole lot of the sport as viable in a certain amount of time and that kills the laugh. I cannot just enjoy it and play a piece then keep on gambling a bit later

More money more Price of Automobile

True however buggy proper however buggy, you’ll earn limitless money in no time then u can upgrade urn automobile to the max inside the very first level. That destroys the amusing of the sport. 2d if u have money in hundreds of thousands, the cost of the components also are in million and so forth, or even having hundreds of thousands of dollars in the game u would possibly fail to upgrade automobile on occasion that makes no feel. It may now not paintings nicely for every telephone accessible but for mine it runs clean and goriest to the max! Too horrific we cannot use our preceding upgraded rides handed with the aid of stage but typical.

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A laugh at first. But by using stage 3 it turns into a punishing cycle of self-betrayal as you “upgrade” to a worse car and begin all over to move bouncing thru unimaginative degrees with the equal historical past. Because the map shows your progress throughout the us all of the manner from Oregon to Florida: there was an ignored opportunity for a few range to keep the sport from becoming a dull, waste of difficult drive space.

Yesses. I complete this game in 7 days. I cannot apprehend the finishing why that centenary shake. It is suggest the zombie are inside the centenary? It’s imply part three will exist? Excellent game. I sense happy and relief once I entire the game and move on that ship. I suppose there may be a helicopter because in begin there’s a helicopter. However never mind extraordinary game. Make element three. Bye….. And that I examine there’s hidden kits? What’s this? Why I don’t examine it earlier than. I cannot locate any kit. But what is kit? Never mind I finished the game. One greater time. Top notch game. Bye…..

First-rate game, I cherished it. Could have given 5 stars but one famous person deducted for too many ads, and some other for having to restart the game regularly because of the sound flitching out pretty regularly. There’s methods in which the sound craps out. Both the song is the handiest sound, and the track emits screeching noises that are insufferable. Restarting the sport fixes the hassle, however simplest quickly.

No idea… how this sport has such an excessive rating. Its miles purely designed to garner cash from advertisers. Sure. I am getting it, maximum games are, however maximum video games have at least one redeeming characteristic. Now not this one. The sport is dull and repetitive. There may be no skill worried – in any respect. No difficult puzzle of think about both. Just press the gas and drive. Not well worth the down load.

My problem with the game comes from some kind of worm that began like an ad mid-run, then it began performing some bizarre rainbow sample that flipped ninety ranges each few seconds. Now the sport doesn’t function when you try to begin a run and the trouble even persisted to my home display screen earlier than I closed the software.

Advert heavy. I apprehend watching commercials to get extra cash for improvements, however are ads after each single race certainly necessary? The game itself isn’t always horrific. Actually exact time killer. The ads type of make me need to forestall playing, even though.

It is the good sport I’ve ever played. The pics also are very quality. However what I do not like is that there are too many packing containers in our way so we cannot attain the check point is enough time, we just stay an inch from the test factor and that’s very bad

the whole lot is better than about 90% of the video games at the google play store, however I simply want the choice to feature more or less gore, and if it already is a factor, please let me recognize how to use it. Thank you! : D aside from that, this recreation is simply terrify! Going for walks down all the zombies is pleasurable and so amusing!

Wow, so glad I sooner or later found this amazing recreation… so addictive and a laugh. The most effective issue I didn’t like is spending so much money on upgrading a car then as soon as the following one is unlocked you do not have access to the old one… so quite plenty all cash wasted.

Game loses its sound all the time. Additionally…whilst you finish a stage you will lose your car. What type of retards wrote that game? Uninstalling and never ever gone installation whatever from this “smart” developer.

recreation crashed my phone after too much frequent random preventing of app I decided to uninstall it however during uninstall system telephone would restart and I could not uninstall it later my calling and different apps commenced to free respond then I had to ultimately factory reset cellphone this is new phone so it turned into empty so ram and reminiscence wasn’t involved the app had a few severe bug

Progression is so linear and misses the point of those games. You actually simply buy the entirety before you may make it to the following checkpoint, then it forces a car transfer, then you buy everything and many others. You cannot hold deriving a built car and improve alternatives are meaningless since you want nearly every unmarried rank in each unmarried improve to bypass every leg. Shame due to the fact it may be super.

the auto gameplay is instantly up awful the attempts get caught in such a lot of stupid locations and it expenses manner to lots to improve vehicles and that I hate the way it make you operate a new vehicle. I might not advise this sport to all of us

This recreation is oh so easy however ohm so correct. A laugh, speedy and with nothing to annoy (except adds if they do) or confuse. No want to pay, play as regularly or little as you want, but be warned it’s very addictive. Outstanding recreation men!

I truly love it. The commercials don’t experience too awful to sit thru for what you’re getting. On occasion I skip them by mistake due to the fact they most effective pop up when you spend all of your coins

Fantastic recreation. Handiest issue I hate is once you beat degree and get new automobile, you cannot use your antique vehicles at all. not spending money on a recreation in which they pressure you to force a specific vehicle in step with the level you’re on


if you want to play earn to die 2 on mobile then this is awesome you can even play any latest version of earn to die game .But on y8 earn to die 2 and earn to die 3 both are available